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Example Business Plan You Can Use

Looking at an existing business plan can give you a head start and fresh ideas for how you may want to lay out your own plan, what information to include, and how it should be formatted.

Below is a step by step outline that will guide you through a sample business plan one section at a time, showing you what info should be included and why.

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While writing a business plan can be difficult, it is also an incredibly rewarding process that can open doors and provide industry insight for the small business owner.

On this site we will cover several tips for creating a winning business plan and discuss some tools and other plan examples that will help bring the writing process together in an understandable way.

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How To Write A Business Plan

Without a business plan it is hard to get funding, expand an existing business, or project financial outcomes. Worse yet, the lack of a solid plan can leave a business owner without the direction and focus needed to run a successful operation in a competitive environment.

For more information and practical guidelines for putting your plan together click here to get started. The tools and resources on this site will help you with all the examples you need to create your own solid plan.

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For more information about writing a business plan check out this additional resource from Wikipedia on business planning: